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Prosperity Wealth

Helping a wealth advisory company tell their story

With over 5,000 clients and a client portfolio worth £1bn, Prosperity Wealth helps both private and commercial clients find financial solutions that work. Prosperity Wealth approached Class Creative to create a new brand and website that captured their brand values of trust, experience and people.

We designed a brand identity that is professional yet personable that focuses on growth. The abstract is designed for applications where the full logo doesn’t fit, like social media and software icons. We produced a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to help Prosperity Wealth roll out their new identity.

Photography plays a key role in the new website. The Prosperity Wealth team is highly qualified and personal, so we knew stock photography wouldn’t cut it.  As a result, we commissioned and art-directed a photoshoot with our photography partner Curious Rose to convey the personality of the team.

Finance websites tend to feature long, boring passages full of legal jargon. To differentiate Prosperity Wealth from the rest of the market, we created an illustration style to bring their services to life in a more visually appealing manner. This was rolled out across the website and in print communications. 

Prosperity Wealth is transparent and clear when it comes to fee structure, so we wanted to communicate this in a more intuitive way than through plain text. To engage the user and encourage interaction on the site, we built a series of online widgets that enable the user to ascertain the cost and investment risk of services.

We hooked the website up to WordPress CMS, a scalable and robust system capable of handling large traffic volumes. This gives the client a website they can easily manage themselves going forward.