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This week at Class #5

Week 5 and these week notes are very late…

Jonathan: Wire-framing Warwickshire Cricket Club’s new website. We’ve migrated to Sketch and it’s going well. He’s also juggling an app for BalanceUK and a WordPress site for Alliance Surgical.

James L: Debugging / grinding out responsive fixes on DoodleTogs before jumping on v2 updates for a recruitment app.

James A: Working with Marriott on their digital marketing for 2016.

Liam: Finishing some stuff on eNL’s new website and device testing the responsive site. He’ll be helping me on the front-end UI of a social media platform towards the end of the week.

Mirek: Branding for a new car dealership, animations for BounceBox and UI guides for two other clients. He continues to play with new software, have fun and demo some cool tricks.

Chris: As for myself, I’m mostly doing my usual mix of customer service, calls, quotes, admin and meetings before I go to London and demo The Clearing’s new website. If it’s any good it might even get a round of applause.

At the end of the week we have a surprise in store for the team. The dev team wanted all-you-can-eat Turkey at the local Chinese but management have overruled. Bah humbug.

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