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10 years as a relationship-driven, creative digital agency

We could tell you all about how we’re an independent, award-winning digital agency based in Birmingham, UK, but that’s probably not what you’re here to see.

Class Creative is a relationships-driven, creative digital agency. We thrive on creating digital products that people love to use, that work. Everything that comes out of our studio is aesthetically pleasing, functional and innovative. We create fully responsive, mobile friendly, accessible and easy to use digital products and services.

We get under the skin of your project, dig deeper and build long-term relationships. Once we hand over a project, along with an easy to use guide on how to maintain it, our service doesn’t end there. We can step in if something needs fixing and offer a maintenance package too.

What else do we offer? As well as the usual products and services that you’d expect to see, we can also build bridges between you and partners that can help you get to where you need to be. Making introductions to like-minded experts in PR, marketing, copywriting and social media, we only recommend partners that we know and trust to deliver the same quality of service that you’d expect from us.

As well as making introductions, we can team up with your partners and become part of your work family, filling in the gaps and adding real value. If you already have an agency in place, we can work alongside them to do what we do best.

Whether we're launching your website, app or brand you can rest assured that you'll love what we do.